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Hey everybody! And welcome to my blog! This is an extension of my website,, and will be where I post my artwork, recent commissions, tutorials, babbles, as well as contests and specials I'm running. I will also use this blog to help interact with my clients and friends. Be sure to follow the blog (there's a link on the right hand side) so you can stay updated and be able to post comments!
Enjoy! :)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

My New Home =)

A while back I felt it was important to "specialize" in one art form and one art form only. I ultimately chose to pursue photography. While I adored photographing children and the occasional wedding... it's simply not me. I'm eclectic by design. I write poetry, create stunning jewelry, I draw and paint. I live and breathe art in all of its glorious forms. So now I present to you my new home,, a place for all of my creations.

Today, I listed my first bracelet on and many more pieces are planned for this week and next. Please follow my journey...

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It's good to be home. =) Enjoy!

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